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Design is inseparable from us, from our environment and from our life.

Artistic Design or Designed Art? 

I would love to design for you any dream, idea or wish.

Well, not any... but most of!

When your desire will  be comined with my creativity, it will become to reality that exceeds any imagination.

My purpose is to guide you through a fun and satisfying process of design, that will end when you will have the best product for your needs in your hands, for a long term. With the knowledge and experience I've gathered for variety technologies and materials, I will be able to ensure that the product you'll receive will be high quality and durable.

How it all began? 

I have an artistic soul and a constant will to create and to challange my brain.

From my point of view, functionality and aesthetics have always been inseparable, and totally not contradictory.

Already at my childhood I started to paint, sculpt and activate my imagination. I always tried to think how can I use items in a new way, how can I improve something that already exist or how to maximize its use - whether it was a piece of garbage thrown at the street or a whole product I've bought or received.


After my military service, I studied at the preparatory program for architecture and design at the Bezalel Academy of  Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Quickly it was clear to me that industrial design is my strongest passion. I've completed my studies for industrial design on 2017 at Ort Singalovsky College, Tel Aviv. On the same year I've won the first place of innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Ort Colleges. While I was still studying I started to take freelance jobs: From furniture renewing up to par excellence industrial design job at a local studio. Later, I've accepted an offer of project management at a company that deals with products development from idea to manufacture. At 2019 I've established Chen Taoz Design and two months later I've been invited to participate at Milano Design Week by the curators of Asia Design Milano and the first Israeli pavilion.

I'm here to design every dream of you in the fields of home design and home accesories, light fixtures, art, decor and gifts. Nowadays, I display my products at several shops and galleries in Israel, in addition to my studio display.

I would love to design for you or for your clients the perfect product for any occasion. 

מה הלקוחות אומרים עליי

                 "זכיתי ליהנות לא רק ממוצר יפה, אלא גם משירות נעים, עדין, מקצועי ורגיש, ממליצה בחום!"

                   עדיה שיפמן


                  "חן עיצבה לי גוף תאורה שבדיוק מתאים לי ולסלון שלי. מקצועית ולבבית. מומלצת בחום!"

                   אורה אור


                  "מוצרים מקוריים וייחודיים, שירות אדיב ומחירים נוחים , שווה"

                   נטעלי גור


                  "מעצבת ברמה גבוהה מאוד. עזרה לי המון, מאוד מקצועית!"

                   שיר זיסו 

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