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"I’m an industrial designer artist specializes in elegant and fun filled home décor products.

I work between two lines: Product design for manufacturer companies and Custom made products for architects, interior designers and the private sector. By that way I can help  each and every person to create the "WOW" at his home design.



























When people tell me that something is impossible, I always step up for the challenge to prove them wrong. 

I thrive from challenges and love to come up with new ways to design and create extraordinary products. Combining innovative thinking and industrial design allows me to reach unique results which recreate new products that lead us to the future.

When designing a new product, it is crucial for me to strive for zero waste during the manufacturing process.

That is, the less material and energy I consume, will lead me to manufacture more efficient and environmental friendly product.

This approach to sustainability is the reason I refrain from using disposable products, recycle anything usable and give new life to discard old products.

I believe that the best design is nature and I tend to value and appreciate each plant and living creature around me. My vegan way of life motivates me to nourish and cultivate my surroundings.


The first step in my design process is to observe and understand the form which exist in nature and study it’s structures and complexities. In my design I try to speak nature’s language using my own voice.

My design process includes various disciplines. One of them is to understand people, observe and study their behavior in certain situations: How they perform a certain task, how they reach to something new, how they understand a situation, etc.

People are also a source of inspiration, and through them I can come up with an idea for a new product which will provide a unique and new solution that did not existed previously.​

My main goal while designing a new product, light fixture, home accessories or housewares is to innovate, not to repeat something already said or done, but to surprise, to give an interesting interpretation and to create elegant and fun products, full of personality. Products which makes the Ho Wow in home design.


     Chen Taoz       


Chen helps manufacturer design companies that are willing to display innovative, sophisticated and elegant products with a wink of playful chic, by products design from idea to manufacture. Nowadays, the studio also helps architects and interior designers who want to integrate custom made unique design products for their private and commercial clients. 

Chen has managed projects for two years at a product design & development from idea to manufacture company in variety of fields (Medical, Army, Patents and more). Before that she had worked in a local industrial design studio. As an experienced industrial designer, she knows how to design to a variety of materials and technologies and knows how to make a smart and maximal use of the sources given to create innovative products with a unique personality.

My Clients Tell...

"I'm satisfied with everything, thank you for all the help"

Ronen Glik


"We had chosen Chen because we loved her designes very much and we wanted a unique light fixture for our dining room. Chen was professional and courteous, she planned for us an original design that upgraded our home design. The result is a light fixture that is a one piece!"

Hay and Vered Tayar


"Light fixtures that are driving me crazy! it's a pleasure that you came to my gallery with your mind and creativity"

Sharona Efrat 

I've won to enjoy not only a beautiful product but also a nice, gentel, professional and sensitive service, highly recommended"

Adaya Shiffman

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