Chen Taoz is an industrial designer passionate about making and creating in variety of fields - from one of a kind art pieces to industrial products design.


“When I design a new product, I imagine it as a character, imagine how it would fit in a house as a family member. I imagine it moving like an independent creature, looking around, talking and I even imagine what he sounds like and what he says.

The subconscious is an important element of the design process for me. I look at nature as a source of inspiration, and in my creative process I bring out the processing of my unconscious mind by intuitive and impulsive process of creation (lots of sketches and models) without involving conscious and "orderly" thinking.

People are in the center of creation and I design to allow them to live good life, to enjoy and to love.

I look at everyday situations and think what exact product I can put into them, which will be dominant enough to change everything and make a positive impact on the feelings, senses and behavior of the people in the space".

                     Chen Taoz    

Chen Taoz designs collections and unique products for lighting & home decor design manufacturers who want to give their customers an accurate answer for the will of creating better life. Not just another product, but products with meaning, products that meet the needs of your customers, products that will impact customers' lives and remain reliable to them over the years, with research, trial and error established to create the perfect results.

In addition, Chen designs and manufactures custom handmade products for architects, interior designers and private customers who want to integrate unique, exciting and accurate products which express their personality and fits perfectly in the different spaces of the home and office.


Prior to founding the studio, Chen worked as a project manager at a design and manufacturing company for a variety of fields (medical, military, patent, and more), holding this position for two years. Before that she worked at a local studio for industrial design in the field of orthopedics.

As an experienced and passionate industrial designer, Chen knows how to design for a variety of materials and technologies and knows how to design industrial smart products that combine exceptional aesthetics with maximum utilization of resources.

Press and Media publications

04/2020 - "Milan 2020 / Chen Taoz" - Portfolio Magazine for Design, Art and Fashin

04/2020 - "The Designer Chen Taoz is giving us a glance to Light fixures and Home Design" - Ma'ariv Touch

03/2020 - Article in the "Monthly talent" column by Shir Ifrach, NGM Magazine

02/2020 - Article at the international design magazine "The Dezine Magazine" (pages 67-72)

10/2019 - "I couldn't keep this beauty only for myself" - Limor Malkieli, Home styling designer

06/2019 - "Artistic spirit: This is Chen Taoz the industrial designer" - Limor Rubb, Lifestyle Blogger

Exhibitions and accomplishments

05/2020 - International Inspiration Day Exhibition, a digital exhibition aside creators from all over the world.


03/2020 - I was selected to join the Bat Yam Design Terminal of "Out of the Box" organization.


11/2019 - I was selected to join the "Mafia" program for designers of "Out of the Box" organization.

06/2019 - "Outline Pop Up" exhibition as part of the Jerusalem Illustration Week festival.

04/2019 - "Art at Home" exhibition organized by the Municipality of Petah Tikva.

10/2017 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Amiad Gallery, Jaffa.


05/2017 - I won First place in ORT College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


10/2015 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv Port.


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