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Big Sister

A playful nod of disagreement towards the Big Brother TV show

"Big Sister" is a captivating luxury lamp that responds to the iconic Big Brother show, offering a blend of modern design, LED technology, and a touch of humor. This lamp reimagines the concept of surveillance and observation in a tasteful and artistic manner, while also serving as a functional piece of home decor. With polished coloring and natural brass, the lampshade can be adjusted in any direction.

This lamp's name and style is a playful nod of disagreement to the concept of the Big Brother show, based on the horrifying ideas depicted in George Orwell's 1984 . "Big Sister" presents an alternative option to the iconic symbol of the TV format, with a gentler, more intimate approach, embodying the role of a supportive companion rather than an omnipresent overseer. The critical surveillance of Big Brother's camera is replaced by illumination that provides the spotlight we deserve. 


Big Sister

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Big Sister Table Lamp

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