Custom light fixture for Nitza.

"You are a genius, a super talent!"

Nitza asked for a special sculptural light fixture for her living room. I've matched the colors of the light fixture to the color scale of the art peice that is illuminated by it.

Table "Bulbi" light fixture in a project by interior designer Alina Drensh.

Alina put emphasize on colorful accessories that give a unique

touch and are connected to the colorfulness in the family living room. Photo by: Rotem Prifer.

Custom light fixture for Simona's office.

"Everyone is enthusiatstic about my light fixture and I sit and look up all the time"

Simona wanted a light fixture for her home office that would upgrade the whole design and atmosphere. The size of the office is relatively small and so is the height of the ceiling, so I designed a ceiling light for her with three bulbs and a combination of interesting colors and unusual shape. We chose the colors inspired by the sea view from the window of Simona's office.

"Bulbi" hanging light fixture for Yaniv's studio.

"The light fixture completely changed the atmosphere in my studio. Thank you Chen"

Yaniv's studio is decorated in neutral colors scale. In the seating area he wanted to add color and create an interesting atmosphere. I matched the lighting fixture to the color of his logo so that it would continue the colors of the business and speak the same language. Photo: Yaniv Gabay.

Light fixtures in the project of interior designer Vered Malka for her clients Roi and Etty. "Chen, it was a great pleasure working with you, yesterday I was in the apartment and we hung the lighting - Roi and Etty are so happy. I am looking forward to work with you again... kisses"

Vered put emphasis on natural materials and a high quality finish with attention to the smallest details. After sending out drawings of the apartment and explaining the design line she was building, I introduced her to a number of models and directions for designs, and together we built the perfect light fixtures for Roi and Etty both in terms of form and finish. The project included a hanging light fixture and two wall light fixtures for the bedroom, a lighting profile for the kitchen and a central hanging light fixture for the living room. Photos are coming soon ...

"Light Pots" collection for the Heartmade Gallery. "Insane lighting fixtures! I'm so happy you came with your ideas and creativity" Sharona's gallery displays a number of local artists. Sharona asked to add light fixtures to the gallery designed by the spirit of the art items displayed in it. In the spirit of Sharona's "readymade" works, I designed "Light Pots" for her gallery. In the photo- a happy customer who purchased one of the light fixtures. Photo: Yaniv Gabay.

"Oliver" artistic ceramic dishes in the project of interior designer Liat Keren Gur. "You are the best. The Olivers are stunning"

Liat put emphasis on combining unique decor items that add warmth and character to the overall design and create a feeling of home. Photos: Hadar Dolan.

Custom light fixture for Chai and Vered's dining area.

"We really loved your designs, you are professional and so kind. The result is a one piece! Thank you very much" Chai and Vered

wanted a special light fixture for their dining area and noted that they really like brass that gets corrosion. I designed a natural and exposed brass light fixture for them that oxidizes and changes its texture over time, combining modern and rustic elements.

Jewelry collection for the company "Sea of ​​Jewelry".

"I am satisfied with everything, thanks for all the help"

Ronen approached me when he opened his jewelry company that offers jewelry for Christian American customers. He wanted to design a unisex collection with distinct Christian symbols in an unusual design. The collection is currently sold on Amazon.


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