"I have gone through the design and production process dozens of times, dealing with all the steps by myself, whether if it a single product or a serial production, but after designing products for companies I realized that my connection as a designer with a manufacturer company is ideal: each side gains a lot of proven benefits aside joy and happiness for our customers".

Up to date I have completed a few collections in collaboration, some of them are displayed here:


Jewelry collection for the company "Sea of ​​Jewelry".

"I am satisfied with everything, thanks for all the help"

Ronen approached me when he opened his jewelry company that offers jewelry for Christian American customers. He wanted to design a unisex collection with distinct Christian symbols in a unique modern design. The collection is currently sold on Amazon.


Lighting collection for "Heartmade studio gallery".

"Amazing light fixtures, I am so happy you came here with your creative mind!"

Sharona, an artist and gallery owner from Zichron Ya'akov, was willing to renew the collections in her gallery and add lighting collection that will continue her line of craft characterized by pastelic and soft color scale and free hand work. Sirey Teura collection was displayed and sold in her gallery as limited edition for one year.


Unique light fixture design for Israeli lighting company.

-Coming soon-

In process