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Unique products designed & handmade at Chen Taoz Studio in Israel. With natural inspiration, soft gentle shapes and high quality materials and finishes - these decor items will bring a lot of stylish joy to your space.

Decor Products & Special Gifts

Chicki Vase
Chicki vase design is inspired by chicks. With its geometric yet soft shape it brings a lot of chic as a beatiful decor piece. on the shelve, aside your bed or at your desk, Chicki vase will bring a lot of joy tinged with elegance to your space. The vase is made of ceramic and can be washed with water and soap or cleaned with soft cloth. Manufactured in Israel In cooperation with rehabilitation employment enterprises. Buy now

Figurative abstract original paintings
Original paintings by Chen Taoz. Water colors on paper, wooden frame. Size 52x42 cm or 15x22 cm.
The paintings are desplayed at the studio. Buy now

Oliver artistic dish
Oliver was designed by the inspiration of the olive tree. Its soft shape creating aesthetic serving way with solution for throwing the pits remain after eating. Suitable for serve of olives, cherris, nuts, cheese, apple with honey and more. Black or White glaze finish for your choise. Buy now

Kank artistic glass vase
Kank is an artistic vase for plants. Designed as a little greenhouse where the plant begins protected and slowly grows outside the vase, becoming integrated with your home decor. A special series of only 3 units. Kank was created by artistic glass blowing process in Israel. It can be washed with water and soap or cleaned with soft cloth. Buy now