A Vessel for climber plants, 2019

Kank is a unique Vessel made by artistic glass blowing. Kank has a specific direction, alike a human - that has front, back, body and face or glance. Due to the hand-work, there are differences between one unit to another, alike the appearance and personalty differences between born humans.


Kank is having a full development process - at first, the climber plant is caged inside the body, as in a greenhouse (uterus). Slowly, with the time, the plant grows and develop until it breaks out of the glass, and then it can become integrated in the environment, touch, wrap, surround - people or objects. The waiting experience and the expectation for the plant development is strengthened, and it looks like the plant overcomes  obstacles, and having a process of study, slowly getting the right way until it could break out.


Model: Morel Bar On | Photographer: Yaniv Gabay. 



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