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An exciting cross generational collaboration between Studio Chen Taoz and Studio Nulah for weaving. A symbiosis between woven fabrics, metals and light, between traditional to innovative, between Chen Taoz and Ziva Esptein.

Origa lighting collection is a result of a cross generational connection, a combination of variety of design approaches and different worlds of materials. Chen Taoz, a young industrial designer specializing in lighting design, and Ziva Epstein, a weaing artist holding dozens of years on the loom, have collaborated with the common love for crafts and the willing to preserve it by an innovative modern design which brings back the trandition to the center of the stage, displaying it in a new fresh light, relevant more than ever.


"While we believe technology and modernism is making our lives better, we also believe that there is a high importance for keeping the human values hidden in crafts and cannot be replace by any machine. Out of awareness to each production method values, we create on the line between industrial to manual, techonological to tranditional, what allow us to create a new innovative result on the one hand, and to preserve the tranditional story on the other hand.


" The light for me is like a material that you cannot touch by you can design, the most important material in the space - without light there is no meaning to all the other designs. In this collection we have created a connection between soft material (textile), stiff material (metal) and untouchbale material (light). The three materials have become inseparable, as a miraculous symbiosis, which lead to a modern, surprising and very exciting collection". 

Photos by Yaniv Gabay and Adi Gilad. 

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