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Limited Edition - 3.

Kank is a living Planter, made artisticly by glass-blowing.

You will experience full development process together with Kank - at first, the plant is caged inside the body of the planter, as in a greenhouse (uterus). Slowly, with the time, the plant grows and develop until it breaks out of the glass, and then it can become integrated in the environment, touch, wrap, surrounds anything it can, and bring nature inside your place.


₪650.00 Regular Price
₪450.00Sale Price
  • Material: Glass.

    Size: 26x12x10 cm.


    Please notice that there are little differences between each unit, beacuse they are hand-made by glass blowing. 


    Treatment: Fill with some water, and put climber plant inside. The plant stem bottom should be inside the water, while the rest of the plant outside. Replace the water from time to time.


    Package: Craft Gift Box. 



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