"I have gone through the design and production process dozens of times, performing all the steps myself, whether it is a single product or a serial production of products (and I continue to do so today), but after designing products for companies, I realized that my connection as a designer with a manufacturer company is the dream and the ideal".

Looking for the next idea for your catalog? Want to build a new elegant and fun collection that customers will simply fall in love with?

Design is my greatest passion and challenges are my fun. I love to design exceptional and innovative solutions that on the one hand, continue the familiar and beloved line of the company but on the other hand bring new value so that

customers are excited, happy to buy the products and enjoy them over time.

A well-designed product, one that customers love to buy, is a user-focused product: how the user will understand the product, how he will use the product, what will be most convenient for him, what will be most useful and what will make him just so happy to return and buy again and again and again.


My name is Chen, and I am an industrial designer, Owner of Chen Taoz Design Studio. I design for companies that aim to excite, innovate, surprise their customers and make their home design outstanding. 

In my work, I combine my artistic soul with daring and creativity, alongside my experience in design and development of products for a variety of technologies and materials from concept to production.

Want to showcase outstanding and unique products for home design that your customers will fall in love with and enjoy? Together we will design high quality and desirable products, with an emphasis on the company values and uniqueness you bring to customers.

To set an appointment please fill in the details in the Contact Form or contact via mail ChenTaozDesign@gmail.com

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