It's time to make new products and you are looking for the next idea for your company's catalog? want to make a smart investment on an effecient produce of a product with elegeant finishes and special chic that will make your cleints fall in love?...


I love challanges and love to design new ways to create a product involving innovative thinking that enables to get to unique results, results that are renewing something and leads us forward to the future. Let's create the future together...!

When I design a new product, it's important to me to strive for zero waste in the production process. In other words, as less as I use (energy and material) I can produce a more effecient and more environmental product.

A well-designed product that customers love to buy is a product that has been focused on the customer throughout the entire development process: how the customer will understand the product, how the customer will use the product, what will be most convenient, what will be most useful and what will make him just so happy that he'll come back again and again...

When I design a new product I always ask my self what did I improve? 

If you don't have a good answer for that, the product is not good.

My name is Chen and I am an industrial designer, owner of studio Chen Taoz. I help design companies who want to innovate their products and introduce elegant and sophisticated products with a wink of playful chic, through design of products from idea to manufacutre.

In my work I use my artistic soul, daring and creativity, as well as the vast experience and knowledge I have gained in developing products in a variety of technologies and materials from concept to production when I worked as a project manager at design to manufacure company in Israel Gilad RM.

I am open for requests from all over the world. To set an appointment please contact via or +972-052-6405248

The six most important highlights that you have to summarize before starting a new product design: ....Subscirbe to get free professional information!

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