"I have gone through the design and production process dozens of times, performing all the steps in the process by myself, whether it was a single product or a serial production of products (and I continue to do so today), but after designing products for companies, I realized that my connection as a designer with a manufacturer company is the ideal situation in which each side gains a lot of proven benefits aside joy and happiness for the clients".

It's time to renew your catalog? To build a new updated collection in the perfect design for your customers so they will desire and fall in love with the new products?

My name is Chen, and I am an industrial designer, Owner of Chen Taoz Design Studio. I design for companies that aim to excite, innovate, surprise their customers and make their interior design outstanding. 

In my work, I combine my artistic soul with daring and creativity, alongside my experience in design and development of products for a variety of technologies and materials from concept to production.

If there is something I'm good at, it's creation. Not only creation, but turn ideas into reality. I have experience in design, drawings and project managment and more than that I have an intense passion to the creation process with all of its steps. The pride and satisfaction in the end of a project with proven results and happy costumers give me motivation and inspiration to continue initiate, design and create projects with maximum energy and enthusiasm.

Want to showcase outstanding and unique products for home design that your customers will fall in love with and enjoy? Together we will design high quality and desirable products, with an emphasis on the company values and uniqueness you bring to customers.

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