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Spreading their light


Chen Taoz's Tribute to the World's Great Luminaries

In her atelier of light, Chen Taoz's designs transcend mere illumination; they are gateways to the minds and souls of remarkable individuals who have shaped the course of human civilization. Light becomes an eloquent medium through which the legacies of artistic masters, philosophers, scientists, and leaders are celebrated with unparalleled elegance. Each creation pays homage to those exceptional individuals who have kindled the flame of knowledge, creativity, and progress in the tapestry of human history.

Take her creations to your private haven and let the radiant glow of Chen Taoz's artistry infuse your surroundings with an aura of inspirational luminance. With meticulous attention to detail, each piece embodies the essence of its honored subject, offering a soul-stirring experience that resonates deeply with your beliefs and aspirations.

Beyond the confines of personal spaces, Chen Taoz's art finds its way into the grandeur of lobbies, offices, hotels and resorts, culinary businesses, and public arenas, enriching every corner of the world with its exquisite radiance. Whether in an intimate setting or a vast expanse, these creations enkindle the spirit of greatness, inspiring all who bask in their glow to reach for the stars.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Chen Taoz's illuminated masterpieces, where reverence meets innovation and where the light of great people finds a permanent abode, spreading its radiance through our lives.

The Israeli Statue of Liberty inspired by Golda Meir

  A Tribute to Israel's only female prime minister so far on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur War. 

"Golda represents to me the strength of the Israeli spirit, even though we are not perfect"

On the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur War, the light artist Chen Taoz created a lighting sculpture that is a tribute to the only woman who served as the head of Israel's government until now and succeeded in the most difficult war in the country's history.

"I saw a connection between Golda's strong character and her Zionist faith, which allowed her to lead Israel to victory despite the failure to anticipate the war, and the continued persistence of the activists of the protest movement that show their presence in the streets of Israel in the last year. Golda was not perfect, far from it, but she is a symbol of powerful and liberal Israel that placed a woman at the head of the government without seeing it as a feminist act," Chen says.

The Statue of Liberty in New York is sculpted as the Roman goddess of liberty, Libertas. She wears a Roman robe and on her head is a tiara with seven points that stick out like sun rays in all directions, and represent the projection of freedom to the seven continents of the world. She holds the torch of liberty in her hand. On the other hand, Chen Taoz's Golda's head has an especially large Star of David made of acrylic glass and from it, light shines on the figure's face. On the one hand, a kind of glittering crown, and on the other hand, a heavy and dazzling burden. The LED also symbolizes the principles of the Jewish spirit, "Light to the Gentiles", which is integrated into the Israeli spirit. Unlike the original Statue of Liberty, Golda's hand is raised and her fist is clenched - an expression of the need to fight for liberal democracy in Israel and the existence of the state throughout the years.

The statue is cast in blackened bronze appropriately for the strong character of the "Iron Woman", her ability to navigate a masculine government and security elite and to conduct tough negotiations in the civil service both with the friendly USA and with Arab leaders.

The face of the statue expresses the difficulty and terror both in her personal life and in the situation of the nation, which Golda experienced while demonstrating strength, control and courage.


Photography: Yaniv Gabay.

Vocal Cords 

  A tribute to the beloved Israeli singer Arik Einstein

"Voice Strings" was designed as a tribute to the great Hebrew singer and creator Arik Einstein, on the 10th anniversary of his passing, while his beloved voice still accompanies the Israeli people, illuminating our hearts.


The statue commemorates his humility, his sincere love for the Land of Israel, and his unparalleled knack for articulating the sentiment of every Israeli, with simplicity yet precision.

A portrait of Einstein is crafted in Corten steel, combined with solar LED cords, stretched from the microphone in his hand to the ground, as a metaphor for his connection to the Israeli land. During the day, the statue is illuminated by the sun, casting a shadow of the portrait, and in the evening the LED cords shine in the dark, as a metaphor for Einstein's vocal cords that continue to shine and illuminate Israeli culture.