"When I want to create a new collection, I try to imagine a new world... "

Nautre is dynamic and chaning and so are these artisic lighting sculptures creating changing interactions with a natural day light and electric LED lighting.

The concept could be combined with solar technology and preserve energy while creating beautiful lighting presentations combined with natural life.

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Limited Edition of 6 floor light sculptures in varying heights 90-180 CM.

The collection was chosen for Salone Satellite.

It is now exhibited also at:

Hen Shai Design Villa Hod Hasharon

Chen Taoz Studio Tel Aviv Jaffa

Visits by appointment only +972-052-6405248

For further informantion please contact.

 Video by Eli Katzoff, Stormport productions.

Watch the full video showing Shiny Lights collection at:


Photos by: Yaniv Gabay - Yanga Photography

 Idan & Eitan Photography at Hen Shai Design solutions Villa