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Light, the heart of the sculptures, is treated as material, shining through the grooves of the metallic structure, projected from it, onto it and reflected back into space in delicate surprising projections, opposing to the metallic mass.

During the day, the sun’s rays, as a source of external light, create one interaction with the sculptures, and when it's dark, an internal LED light source shines out of the sculptures creating another kind of relationship with the environment. Both modes of light reflections in space create unique situations where the boundaries between the sculptures, the environment and the person looking at them and reflecting on them are blurred.


The lighting sculptures manufacturing process includes craft and industrial processing. The manual bending work transfers the stiff cold metal into a soft, human and warm object. The production of the sculptures starts with cutting and bending in the industrial factory and is finished at the workshop with an artistic touch and manual bending of the pieces one by one. The rigidity is replaced by flexibility, the cold is replaced with warmth and the light that enters at the end, gives the sculptures the aura of life.


Shiny Lights sculptures, Chen Taoz, 2020.

Heights from 90 to 180 CM.

IMG_0839-1 copy.jpg
IMG_0821-1 copy.jpg
Shiny GIF.gif

Light sculptures in varying heights from 90 to 180 cm and wall light sculptures 30 cm length.

The collection was chosen by 13 curators and was exhibited at Salone Satellite, Salone Del Mobile 2022, Milan Design Week.

It is now exhibited at:

Chen Taoz Studio Tel Aviv Jaffa

Hen Shai Showroom Hod Hasharon

Visits by appointment only +972-052-6405248

For further informantion please contact.

 Video by Eli Katzoff, Stormport productions.

Watch the full video showing Shiny Lights collection at:


Photos by: Yaniv Gabay - Yanga Photography

 Idan & Eitan Photography at Hen Shai Design solutions Villa

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