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Looking for new products for the renewal of your catalog and display,

Want to make new products but you run out of ideas and you don't know

what to add? afraid that your investment will not return itself, that customers will not buy?


A well-designed product that customers buy is a product that has been focused on the customer throughout the entire development process: how the customer will understand the product, how the customer will use the product, what will be most convenient, what will be most useful and more.

When I design a new product I always ask my self what did I improve? 

If you don't have a good answer for that, the product is not good.

My name is Chen and I am an industrial designer, owner of studio Chen Taoz.

I help design companies who want to innovate their products and introduce unique and exceptional products, through designing and manufacturing innovative, practical and aesthetic products that make customers' lives better.

In my work I use my artistic soul, daring and creativity, as well as the vast experience and knowledge I have gained in developing products in a variety of technologies and materials from concept to production.


Want to consult with me ​​obout the design of the next products you will manufacture? Contact me now via mail ChenTaozDesign@gmail.com

or via phone +972-052-6405248

The six most important highlights
that I always summarize before
starting a new product design
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