"When a veteran tells me about the old days I am all ears, enjoying the listen and even enjoying the way it is told - slow, full of emotion, full of imagination.


I embrace to my heart the conversations with my grandfather who worked in handicrafts from his childhood, the talks with the veteran craftsmen I meet in the local industry and with veteran artists. The excitement I experience from those stories is the one I want to recreate through my designs.


But, we live in a modern age with different needs, therefore, I take the good from the past, add it to the good of the present and thus create modern products which are full with pure soul and passion.

In my work I combine crafts alongside industrial processes, while constantly adhering to high quality materials and finishes. My creative thinking processes are always done in good energies, from an intuitive feelings and in a mode of excitement and dedication to my work.

I believe that as a balance to the digital world, the physical world of objects should give us an option to disconnect and have peacefull and joyfull moments. 

Light for me is a kind of material that can not be touched but can be designed, it's the most important material because without the perfect light all other designs in space have no meaning. The shape, material and finish of the light fixture affect the way the light emerge and the feeling it would scatter around and affect the whole atmosphere."

Prior to founding the studio, Chen worked as a project manager at a design and manufacturing company which dealed with variety fields of industry. As an experienced and passionate industrial designer, Chen knows well materials and technologies of many kinds and knows how to design industrial yet humane products with care to our planet and the lives on it.



Exhibitions and accomplishments

Future Exhibition - 09/2021 - Salone Satellite, Milan Design Week. 

02-03/2020 - One Of. Exhibition by Two Curators at Avney Tal & Noni's Gallery

05/2020 - International Inspiration Day Exhibition, a digital exhibition aside creators from all over the world.

03/2020 - I was selected to Design Terminal of "Out of the Box" Designers.

11/2019 - I was selected to join the "Mafia" program for designers of "Out of the Box" organization.

06/2019 - "Outline Pop Up" exhibition as part of the Jerusalem Illustration Week festival.

04/2019 - "Art at Home" exhibition organized by the Municipality of Petah Tikva.

10/2017 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Amiad Gallery, Jaffa.

05/2017 - I won First place in ORT College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

10/2015 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv Port.