Chen designs out of a passion for materials and respect for craftsmanship. In her works she combines between innovative production processes and traditional manufacturing, with emphasis on the human touch that is evident in each of her designs.

"Light is the most important material in the space, without it all the other designs have no meaning"

In her design process, Chen is working with the light as it was a material. She examines its integration in a variety of strengths, hues and angles along with the materials from which the lighting fixture will be made, while her purpose is to create a new symbiotic relationship in which the light and the fixture are becoming integral and creating together a new exciting result.

"I have a lot of respect for tradition, thus when I approach a project I clear my former knowledge as a designer and start learning from beginning each time anew: the material, the technique, the brand values, the meaning of the design and its purposes".


Chen is very curios about companies and factories based on a longstanding tradition. She believes that as a young designer she must preserve the foundations and from them grow an innovative interpretation that reflects the possibilities inherent in today's advanced technologies.

The studio was founded in 2019, since then Chen designed 4 main lighting collections, diverse bespoke lamps for her clients from the professional and private sectors and art and décor products.

All of her designs are open for collaborations and orders in full accordance to the clients requirements. 



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Trio by Chen Taoz1 Photo by Yaniv Gabay.
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Press Kit:

Shiny Lights collection - Youtube Video

Designs catalog 2022 - PDF file

Images & Videos download - Drive Link

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Exhibitions and accomplishments

Future Exhibition -06/2022 - Salone Satellite, Milan Design Week. 

10/2021 - Fresh Paint Fair, Silvan Adams Velodrom, Tel aviv

07/2021 - Keren Shavit's Island - Israeli art and design fair

02-03/2020 - One Of. Exhibition by Two Curators at Avney Tal & Noni's Gallery

05/2020 - International Inspiration Day Exhibition, a digital exhibition aside creators from all over the world.

03/2020 - I was chosen to Design Terminal Hamama designers accelerator by "Out of the Box".

11/2019 - I was chosen to Design Terminal Maafia designers accelerator by "Out of the Box".

06/2019 - "Outline Pop Up" exhibition as part of the Jerusalem Illustration Week festival.

04/2019 - "Art at Home" exhibition organized by the Municipality of Petah Tikva.

10/2017 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Amiad Gallery, Jaffa.

05/2017 - I won First place in ORT College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

10/2015 - "Ort Design" exhibition at Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv Port.