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Bespoke Lighting - Selected Projects

Custom light fixtures for designer Yifat Sasson, Villa at Mevaseret. "You are very talented, the final result are way better than what I could ever imagine!" 


Yifat contacted me during her participation in Gili Ungar's Design workshop for homestyling. When she saw Bulbi light fixture she immediatelly fell in love and asked me to create for her Bulbi to the entire home. After I got to know her and the architectural plans, inspiration board was created and I visited in the space. The home was designed in 60's spirit with strong and bold colors and unique elements. Therefore, I combined also in the light fixtures strong colors and material variations with metals and hand blown glass. The lamps are  charactrized with asymmetric and diverse encounters between materials to add to the joyfull and unusual atmoshpere at Yifat's home. Photos by Merav Felberg.

Bespoke lighting for Jenny, Architect Shani Tzadoki, appartment at Kiryat Ono.

"Chen, Thanks thanks thanks. It is wowwwww... I have no words to thank you for the joy and happiness that the light fixtures make me feel".

Jenny is a creative, bold and happy woman- in accordance to her life style I've designed the colorful light fixtures with assimetric, flexible and dynamic structure. The lamps were painted in contrast strong colors and colorful glasses hand blown.

Photos by Merav Felberg.

Custom light fixtures for Studio Mialma interior design.

"I love each one of your products, the light fixtures, the sculptures, the vases - are all amazing!".

Lee Masas from studio Mialma, together with stylists Orna Mazor, Yuval Almog and Yasmin Livnat, created an eclectic combination of modern yet rustic design. The project was published at Mako Living Magazine. Photos by Orit Arnon.

Custom light fixture for Architect Lea Goth's clients Geron family.

"We are very pleased, we love it and we also received a lot of compliments! Thank you"

"I was looking for a special lamp for my clients so many time. It was just the right lamp for their home".

Lea was looking for a long time for a unique and impressive light fixture for her clients, that will create a nice atmosphere around their special dining table. Bulbi Tachshit was the perfect light fixture for that project, as it gives a nice contrast to the large table, bringing elagance and prestigious buy also warm atmosphere to their home. 

Bulbi light fixtures for Dana fingerer's clients Yanko family.

"Chen is very professional and it's fun to work with her. She has the knowledge both from an aesthetic design point of view and professionally matching the type of light and angle of the beam required in the space. I highly recommend Chen, We love the result very much and enjoy it every day!"

"The light fixtures are amazing, designed and manufactured in the highest qulity. The service you give - the attention, the patience, the deep understanding and your precision - is rare!"

Each and every detail in this project was picked carefully and it was very important to Dana and Rivka to match the colors and finishes of the light fixtures to the entire look of the room. Bulbi light fixtures in glossy black and white compelted the design perfectly.

"Bulbi" hanging light fixture for Yaniv's studio.

"The light fixture completely changed the atmosphere in my studio. Thank you Chen"

Yaniv's studio is decorated in neutral colors scale. In the seating area he wanted to add color and create an interesting atmosphere. I matched the lighting fixture to the color of his logo so that it would continue the colors of the business and speak the same language. Photo: Yaniv Gabay.

Light fixtures at Hen Shai's design showroom, the villa at Hod Hasharon. "when the light fixture takes the whole focus"

A showroom villa inspired by European showrooms. Hen Shai, a designer specializes in luxury furniture, aksed me to complete the styling design of the villa with my unique high standard light fixtures. The showroom is open for visits by appointment (+972-0526405248)  

Custom light fixtures for Inbal.

"The light fixtures are very beautiful and I got a lot of compliments from everyone who came to visit. Thank you Chen"

Inbal wanted light fixtures for the main area of her apartment, that will continue the color scale and the line of design she chose. A combination of colors and natural materials gave her the classic elegant yet joyful result she wished for.

Table Bulbi light fixture in a project by interior designer Alina Drensh. Alina put emphasize on colorful accessories that give a unique

touch and are connected to the colorfulness in the family living room. Photos by: Rotem Prifer.

Custom light fixture for Nitza.

"You are a genius, a super talent!"

Nitza asked for a special sculptural light fixture for her living room. I've matched the colors of the light fixture to the color scale of the art peice that is illuminated by it.

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