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The Shiny Lights of Amaterasu 天照大神

An homage to the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu, that merges contemporary artistry, sustainable technology, and immersive design.

Amaterasu is a revered figure in Japanese mythology, renowned as the sun goddess and a central deity in the Shinto religion. As a prominent member of the pantheon, Amaterasu is believed to bring light and life to the world. Her name is derived from the Japanese words "ama" (meaning "heaven" or "sky") and "Terasu" (meaning "to shine"), aptly reflecting her role as the radiant source of sunlight.

This installation, conceived for both environmental and interior contexts, was exhibited at the Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week 2022, captivating spectators with its interplay of light and sculpture.

Amaterasu is a multi-sensory experience designed to evoke the sun Goddess's luminous journey throughout the day and night. As sunlight bathes the installation, the meticulously crafted metal sculpture gleams like mirrors, creating an enchanting dance of reflections. The shiny surfaces capture the ever-changing position of the sun, echoing Amaterasu's journey across the sky.

As the sun sets, the installation undergoes a magical transformation. Solar-powered LEDs are concealed within the heart of the metal sculpture, emitting a soft, ethereal glow that emanates from within. The installation at night is radiant, representing Amaterasu's enduring presence even in the darkness while using the sun energy that was saved in solar panels during the day.

Each metal bent is a meticulous work of art, sculpted with a minimalistic touch of traditional craft that is connected to the Japanese culture (in which the preservation of tradition is of great importance) and to Amaterasu's celestial essence. The interplay of the shiny material and lights creates a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and timeless symbolism.

Viewers are invited to move through and around the installation, becoming an integral part of the dynamic interplay between light and sculpture. As they journey through the installation, they experience a sensory transformation, transitioning from the radiant energy of the sun's reflection to the comforting illumination of Amaterasu sculptures' inner light.


Wall Amaterasu 

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Amaterasu Menorah

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