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Bulbi collection is recognized with soft geometric shapes, natural bright colors,
elegance and playful style that raises smiles.

The iconic table lamp was the first item designed that later was expanded to a
full collection including 10 items, according to the audience demand.

Bulbi was covered by a few local and international magazines, and was chosen
by Nirlat, Israeli paints company, for their new color campign shootings.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 17.18.19.jpeg

Bulbi Space- view more...


Flexible Bulbi


Wall / Ceiling Bulbi


Table Bulbi Ella

Bulbi Hanging by ChenTaoz.jpg

Hanging Bulbi - view more...


Bulbi Art Standing


Bulbi Tachshit


Table Bulbi

Bulbi Art1.jpg

Bulbi Art Hanging

bulbi floor2.jpg

Bulbi Standing

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