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Bulbi - Big Sister

"Big Sister" is a captivating luxury lamp collection that responds to the iconic "Big Brother" show, offering a blend of modern design, LED technology, and a touch of humor. This lamp reimagines the concept of surveillance and observation in a tasteful and artistic manner, while also serving as a functional piece of home decor. In polished coloring and natural brass, the lampshade could be adjusted to any direction desired.

This lamp's name and style is a playful nod of disagreement to the Big Brother show concept, based on the horrifying ideas written in Nineteen Eighty Four 1984 by George Orwell. "Big Sister" presents an alternative option to the iconic symbol of the TV format, with a gentler, more intimate approach, embodying the role of a supportive companion rather than an all-seeing overseer. The critical surveillance of Big Brother's camera is replaced by illumination that gives the spotlight that our beings deserve. 

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Bulbi Space- view more...


Flexible Bulbi


Wall / Ceiling Bulbi


Table Bulbi Ella

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Hanging Bulbi - view more...


Bulbi Art Standing


Bulbi Tachshit


Table Bulbi

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Bulbi Art Hanging

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Bulbi Standing

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