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David's Violin

Inspired by King David

David's Violin was inspired by the glorious biblical figure David, who symbolizes the best values ​​of the people of Israel: bravery, leadership, compassion, and modesty. 

Before he rose to greatness and became king of Israel, David used to play music for King Shaul, because he was gifted with an extraordinary musical talent and it is said that the Spirit of God was with him. His musical instrument was a lyre, a kind of small harp called a violin in the biblical story; "And David took the violin, and played in his hand; And a wind came to Saul and he felt good, and the evil spirit was removed from him." – Shmuel (16:23).

This musical instrument appears in the Zichron Ya'akov council's symbol , and its direct and indirect meaning exemplifies the Orchestra neighborhood's musical connection and its good values of the people.

As this artwork was created during the war in Israel, the artist decided to design the shape of the gaps in the lower part of the statue to commemorate the symbol of the Nova Music Festival, as a dedication to the memory of the fallen of October 7 and the Iron Swords War.

During the day sun penetrates the gaps and at night the violin strings shine with light. Through the illumination, the artist wishes to convey a strengthening message: we will never stop dancing.

The statue is placed in the Orchestra square in Zichron Ya'akov.

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