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The Justice Statue

To mark the retirement of the Supreme Court President , Chen Taoz created  the Justice Statue in homage to the Honorable Judge Esther Hayut

This portrait of the Honorable Judge who served as President of Israel's High Court of Justice in recent years was sculpted by Taoz in a combination of two particularly hard and durable materials: metal and stone.


The portrait of the Honorable Judge is made of metal and is placed in the center of a rock cut with a rounded external contour and a straight and stable base, while the internal gaps form outlines of figures to the right and left of the portrait, as a visual expression of the Biblical quotation: Hear the cases between your brothers and judge righteously" (Deuteronomy 16:1).

Taoz sculpted the shape of the judge's eyes to resemble of scales, a tribute to the great discretion Hayut exercised during her service. The scales are a symbol of international justice, and also symbolizes the sons and daughters of Libra, among whom is the Honorable Judge born on October 16, the same date she retired from her position.

The sculptured stone symbolizes seriousness, but as quartz stone it is not opaque and transmits light through it. The stone shines around the portrait of the judge, a symbol of loyalty and acting  for the state according to the basic laws "engraved in stone", while exercising judgment and a broader vision in situations where the court hadn't provided an updated answer yet.

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