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Chen Taoz: Light Texture

Solo exhibition at Vitrina Gallery 2022-2023, curated by Dr. Dalia Manor

In her first solo exhibition, Chen Taoz presents two groups of works dedicated to lighting in an encounter with other materials, hard and soft. Chen Taoz designs lighting sculptures by order of interior designers, architects, companies and other clients and at the same time creates independent works in her studio. These works expand the role of lighting from a functional need to decorative objects that create a mysterious atmosphere in which light plays the role of

a "matter" emanating from the solid materials, illuminating them from within and influencing their surroundings.

In the first space of the gallery, lighting sculputres from the "Origa" collection are displayed, the result of a collaboration by Chen Taoz and veteran weaver Ziva Epstein, who owns Nulah Studio. The lighting sculptures are woven on a loom using a traditional method and copper and brass wires of different thicknesses are integrated into the fabrics, which give the fabric flexibility and allow it to be shaped in different shapes. LED lighting that does not heat allows the use of textiles to create light effects that break out of the lighting sculptures and complete the design. Alongside the vertical lighting fixtures is a group of wall-mounted lighting sculptures that look like shells or organic creatures, as well as tabletop lighting sculptures from this series.

In the second space, metal lighting sculptures from the "Shiny Lights of Amaterasu" series are displayed. The lighting sculptures of different heights are originally intended to be displayed also in daylight when the sunlight returns from the shiny metal strips that are bent by hand. At night, the lighting emerges from within and affects the entire environment with lights and shadows. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures from this series look like tubes or like small animals that shine from within. "Light is the most important material in space, without it the other designs have no meaning" says Taoz.

Chen Taoz, born in 1991, graduated from industrial design studies at Ort Singlovsky College in 2017 and since then has worked as a designer in various fields and as a project manager. In 2019 she opened her studio specializing in the design of lighting fixtures. She presented her works in various exhibitions, including the "Fresh Paint" fair in Tel Aviv in 2021 and in 2022 she was chosen to participate in the "Salone Satellite" dedicated to designers under the age of 35 who stand out in their field as part of the renowned international fair Milan Design Week.

2021_10_13_ORIGA27789 1.jpg

Wall Amaterasu 

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