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Let there be light! Each participant will create a readymade lighting fixture of his design, that could be hung at home at the end of the workshop!


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We will open with a brief introduction to the world of lighting, talk about the concept of "readymade" and the artist who coined it, Marcel Duchamp.


We will create lighting fixtures in the ready-made concept from old pots that have gone out of use and will receive a new life as a designed lamp with paints, brushes, drilling, and screwing.


Each participant will create a lighting fixture of his own design and according to his taste, which he can assemble and hang later at home.


The price of the workshop includes all the required tools and materials: a pot, drill, polishing papers, paints, brushes, a lamp house with a ceiling base, and a light bulb for each participant.


You can bring an old pot that you like from home or choose from the variety of pots at the beginning of the workshop (each participant gets one pot, the pots that will be used are of slightly different shapes and sizes - each pot and its unique style and that's all the beauty!).


The workshop is suitable for everyone, from the age of 12 to the age of 120. No need for previous experience!


*During the workshop we will assemble the lampshade but do not learn and do not work with electricity. The installation of the lighting in the house will be done according to the law by a qualified electrician only.


*The workshop will open with a minimum of 4 registrants, if there are not enough registrants we will update a new date and you can decide whether to participate or receive a full credit.


*A request for cancellation and refund up to 7 days before the date of the workshop will receive a full refund. For a cancellation request within 7 days from the workshop date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the ticket will be deducted.


Lighting fixture design workshop

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