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Inspired by Rachel Edri from Ofakim who gave light and hope to all the people of Israel, lighting artist and designer Chen Taoz designed Shabbat candlesticks in her image.

"Rachel gave me a lot of light, hope and strength knowing that it is possible to get out of a situation that seems to be the worst, in the way she acted out of faith, composure, resilience and creative thinking", Chen Taoz says, "In one of the social media videos, Rachel's asked every jew to light Shabbat candles to bring back the light to Israel. Following her request, I created "Rachel Shabbat Candlesticks", which will continue to spread the light and hope that Rachel brought to every Jewish home in Israel and around the world."

Rachel Shabbat Candle Holders

₪92.00 Regular Price
₪69.92Sale Price
  • The product is shipped flat and should be gently bent only once with your hands (do not fold back again, do not use any tools).
    The metal must be cleaned from time to time with a suitable cleaning paste for aluminum or brass. The product can be washed in boiling water.

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