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Amaterasu Sculptural Lighting Installation is an homage to the sun goddess, Amaterasu, created by lighting artist Chen Taoz. This item is a part of this concept that merges contemporary artistry, technology, and immersive design.


Each metal bent is a meticulous work of art, sculpted with a minimalistic touch of traditional craft that is connected to the Japanese culture (in which the preservation of tradition is of great importance) and to Amaterasu's celestial essence. The interplay of the shiny material and lights creates a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and timeless symbolism.

Wall Amaterasu

  • Dimensions: L- 30 cm | W- 10 cm | D- 5 cm

    SS / Brass / Cooper. 

    Glossy / Brushed.

    Led built-in. 

    5 years.

    Full terms on page "Products use and install instructions & Warranty terms" (link on the bottom)

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