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Chen Taoz's tribute to local hero Rachel Edri from Ofakim

Inspired by Rachel’s resourcefulness and wishing to spread her light, Taoz created Shabbat candlesticks with a portrait of Rachel through which the light passes.

“During this difficult time in Israel, Rachel was the only one who inspired me and brought me out of creative stagnation. After watching a video of Rachel in which she asks the girls of Israel to light Shabbat candles, I designed the ‘Rachel candlesticks’ and created a community project, in which I held voluntary workshops for dozens of evacuees in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Netanya and Hod Hasharon. They created the candlesticks together with me.”

​The project was published in the design section of the Israel Hayom newspaper, and in several local magazines.

​To spread light and strengthen the Jewish community in Israel and around the world, the metal candlesticks are sold at no profit in Studio Chen Taoz’s online store. In addition, you can download the template design to create candlesticks from available materials at home – to receive the template, fill in your e-mail in the form below.

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Rachel Shabbat Candlesticks

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