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Vocal Cords

  A tribute to the beloved Israeli singer Arik Einstein

"Vocal Cords" was designed as a tribute to the great Hebrew singer and creator Arik Einstein, on the 10th anniversary of his passing, while his beloved voice still accompanies the Israeli people, illuminating our hearts.


The statue commemorates his humility, his sincere love for the Land of Israel, and his unparalleled knack for articulating the sentiment of every Israeli, with simplicity yet precision.

A portrait of Einstein is crafted in Corten steel, combined with solar LED cords, stretched from the microphone in his hand to the ground, as a metaphor for his connection to the Israeli land. During the day, the statue is illuminated by the sun, casting a shadow of the portrait, and in the evening the LED cords shine in the dark, as a metaphor for Einstein's vocal cords that continue to shine and illuminate Israeli culture.

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