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Lighting sculpture
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Light up your space
in the spotlight it deserves with

Chen Taoz's light sculptures

Whether it's a luxury residence, boutique hotel, gallery or public space you're building or renovating, you can imbue your project with an inspiring glow with unparalleled illuminated art.

In her atelier of light the works of Taoz transcend illumination itself; They are gateways to the minds and souls of extraordinary people who shaped the course of human civilization.

In addition to the sculptures that will illuminate your space, this is the opportunity to incorporate in the exterior or interior of the building an illuminated artistic gesture centered on an inspiring figure, or a personal story that will be recognized in an unforgettable light sculpture.

Get to know Chen Taoz's atelier
of light

Chen Taoz - light artist and lighting designer with a vision

Chen Taoz, born in 1991, graduated from Industrial Design at the Ort Singlovski College in Tel Aviv, graduated from the Incubator for Independent Artists and Designers at the Bat Yam Design Terminal and graduated from the Environmental Sculpture Incubator at the Cube Art School Jerusalem. As a visionary light artist and lighting designer, Taoz's works shine the spotlight on humanity and breathe life into the legacy of artistic masters, philosophers, scientists and leaders, reflecting the course of human civilization.

The global recognition of Chen Taoz is growing with her participation in key events such as "Fresh Paint Fair" in Israel and "Salone Satellite" at the Milan Design Week. In addition, she presented a solo exhibition at the "Vitrina" gallery, which was curated by Dr. Dalia Manor and is currently exhibiting at the "Land & Sea" art exhibition at the Man and Living  Museum, curated by Niv Nodelman and Rotem Kaplan. Among her achievements, she won the "Cultural Export of Plastic Art" award from the Foundation for Independent Artists and the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Taoz illuminates spaces with creativity, passion and professional precision


Using diverse light sources, different temperatures and lighting angles, Chen explores the sublime relationship between material and light, and creates a distinct aesthetic that deeply resonates with human emotion. She creates light sculptures that suit the purpose of the space, the atmosphere and the design style, with the possibility of a unique one-piece inspired by a person or a story or an installation of several sculpted lighting fixtures that will illuminate the space according to its purpose.

Published in the press

​The studio has received extensive coverage over the years in Israel and around the world by journalists, reporters and bloggers

who showed interest and curiosity towards Taoz's works, selected reviews appear here - to enlarge, click twice.

חן תעוז ב- Ynet אדריכלות ועיצוב
כתבה בישראל היום אודות יצירותיה של חןתעוז
פרסום במגזין הדיגיטלי של פסטיבל העיצוב בלונדון London Design Festival
ראיון עומק למגזין לג'יט LEGIT
מחווה לרחל מאופקים - פורסם במדור עיצוב היום
סיקור של תערוכת היחידה של חן תעוז במגזין DA
חן תעוז בשבוע העיצוב מילאנו - פרסום בבניין ודיור
פרסום במגזין עיצוב בינלאומי The Dezeen Magazine
מדור עיצוב נדל"ן ליידי גלובס
Artist spotlight America-Israel Cultural Foundation Magazine

Working on a project for 2024-25? It's time to think about illuminated art that will upgrade your space to the highest design level.


In a personal meeting with the light artist Chen Taoz, she will get to know your project and you can be exposed to her unique way of thinking and get a glimpse of how your project will look when illuminated with the light it deserves.

Fill in the details and let's meet:

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