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Spreading Their Light
Light art inspired by those who have illuminated our world

Rachel's Light was exhibited at
Shevet Achim Klang Artists House 2024


The Shining Lights of Amaterasu
A lighting installation inspired by the Japanese sun goddess

Exhibited at Salone Satellite, Milan Design Week 2022 and won the Cultural Export of Plastic Art Prize

Lightng Sculptures

Illuminating the Spirit of Humanity

 Each creation pays homage to the world's luminaries who have kindled the flames of knowledge, creativity and progress throughout the tapestry of human history: leaders, artists, scientists and heroes from a variety of fields, whose light Taoz continues to spread through her art creations.

A careful alchemy of traditional methods like metal-turning, glass-blowing, weaving, and ceramics is combined with cutting-edge technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing.


Taoz's studio and her collaboration with local factories and artisans celebrate a confluence of techniques, all culminating in works of brilliant luminescence.

By varying lights, temperatures and angles, Taoz explores the sublime connection between material and light, forging a distinct aesthetic that resonates deeply with human emotion.

Illuminate your space in the spotlight
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